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With UC3.0's arrival consolidate your legacy Voice system and move to Unified Collaboration solution

There are many benefits to moving to an uniform communication infrastructure with team collaboration capabilities. So why is the time right to consolidate your legacy Voice system and move to UC&C solution.

UC 3.0 has arrived, it is time to consolidate legacy voice system and move to cloud or on-premise voice solution. Datamavic can help deliver this strategy.
Digital workplace strategy by Datamavic, Melbourne Australia.

Unified communications and collaboration (UCC) are the integration of various tools and technology that enables enterprise communication using individual unified communications (UC) and collaboration solutions and makes them available through a single interface to improve connectivity and productivity. Effective collaboration can now be done through the use of voice, video, application and data integration without the geographic barriers. Unified communication (UC) and Collaboration works by encompassing the different mediums of communication through a single network infrastructure.

With UCC, businesses can take advantage of using all their tools and platforms over a single system or a hybrid system with multi-vendor solution bringing the best from each vendor. Some of the most distinguishable benefits that can be seen by using UCC are;

Enhance user experience

Users no longer are tied to desk phones. While desk phones offer better form factors, it is compensated by increased mobility through the use of soft clients like Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. No more call forwarding to mobile phones, these soft clients now allow employees to carry their office numbers along with them. Video calling has enormous focus from Cisco and Microsoft, intending to give personalised face to face secured calling experience within the Enterprise and outside.

Increase in work efficiency

With tools like Webex teams and Microsoft teams collaboration on projects has become for productive. Without exiting the communication tools or clients users can now open application files and edit or collaborate in real time, including white boarding session between two or more users. If a user is not able to explain a concept over chat/ messaging, no problem with a single touch button they can join ad-hoc meetings with video calling.

Reduced Operational expenditure (Opex)- Infrastructure & Licenses

One of the biggest advantages and potentially one of the most important benefits to a business is reduced costs. With subscription based licensing model, enterprises can now have access to state of the art meeting room and pay based on actual subscription. The use of the same network for both collaboration and data transfer means, no more maintenance of separate PBX lines and a single network infrastructure means a clear view of the network.

Reduction of Calling costs & Call continuity

With soft client users can now use Wi-Fi to make and receive calls, exchange files and collaborate without any dependency on company VPN or even 3G/4G network. This ability to dial via the internet and from any location, including overseas (Host country must support it) ensures calling capabilities continuity is preserved. If there is no LTE network, then call using Wi-fi from your mobile device or laptop.

IP telephone is a technology that incorporates the use of communications of voice through a network using IP standards. Companies such as Cisco have voice messaging systems, conferencing, video devices and IP phones and various other hardware and software. Video telephony works in the same way the IP telephony does. It allows users to communicate in real time using video endpoints or soft clients with video capabilities using the same IP network as the Cisco UC.

A single UC endpoint can provide functionalities like Voicemail, Instant messaging, presence, video conferencing and many more. Cisco and Microsoft are market leaders in this space and can improve the way employees collaborate in the modern era.


If your organization is moving away from traditional or TDM based PBX system to an IP based communication and collaboration system, Datamavic can provide service to conduct an assessment into the existing infrastructure and provide a collaboration transformation strategy.

Contact us to know more on how Datamavic can help your organization in your Unified communications and Collaboration journey at or +61 414443600.


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