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What is Cisco UC 12.x Smart Licensing ?

Cisco Smart Software Licensing simplifies the licensing experience across the enterprise making it easier to purchase, deploy, track and renew Cisco Software. It provides visibility into license ownership and consumption through a single, simple user interface. With CUCM 12.x and onwards, Cisco has made it mandatory to integrate the clusters with Cisco smart licensing portal. Eventually Cisco will make it mandatory for all it's devices over a period of time to integrate with Cisco smart licensing portal.

Below is a single slide that shows 2 options for a customer to integrate their CUCM cluster with Smart licensing portal.

There is a 3rd option as well, which we do not recommend. If you are not comfortable to connect to the internet directly or via satellite manager, then licenses between CUCM and Smart license portal can be synced offline by downloading and uploading license report. This needs to be done every 3 months.

Option 1 below is called Mediated Deployment Model

Option 2 is called Direct Model

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