Management of Cisco Unified Communications Solution using Automation platform from VOSS

Updated: May 7, 2020

Automation is de facto now in any industry, from logistics and transport to hospitality industry and consumers. Even latest Apple ios has automation functionality that enables users to define tasks and triggers to activate those tasks. Point is that whether you really think about it or not automation definitely play some part of your daily life. In this article we will talk about UC automation and specifically Cisco UC automation delivered by class leading UC Management company VOSS.

The What and How of Automation can vary significantly based on the Organization and the complexity of the tasks that are being automated. Automation could be done in silos across various business units or undertaken as part of a single massive workflow (for example industrial automation - Car manufacturing, Refineries etc). In our domain of influence, Voice over IP or IP Telephony, now more popularly known as Unified Communications always provided Call controlling systems (Cisco Unified Communications Manager) that were while powerful and reliable, have not been intuitive or easy to navigate. It takes years of practical experience to gain knowledge and skills that comes at a significant cost. It was simply a question of time before automation became of equal importance within Unified Communications. In many organizations that use Cisco Unified Communication solution still uses Bulk administration tool as a means to provision users in bulk during migration or backup. Those familiar with BAT tool would know that it is often a painstakingly slow and elaborate process to import or export various objects. One has to do multiple tests, try different browsers against MS excel to be able to have the right outcome.

As Cisco UC matured over the years, UC engineers started to use AXL API, JSON etc to code and develop homegrown scripts to accomplish the more complex tasks. However to think of it, while it does help in productivity of getting things done much faster, it can also quickly lead to resourcing effort leakage. What that essentially means is that UC engineers or Architects may end up spending more efforts in fixing bugs in such homegrown tools and then there is version management problems of such tools. Unified Communications architects or engineers would know that Cisco CUCM version keeps getting better and better with more features being built on the latest platforms. However management of such advanced versions starts to become challenging, specially for deployments that are spread across multiple geographical areas and high number of users. One classic example would be when a company is located across 2 or more countries and may need to have CUCM clusters located in each of those countries, it quickly becomes operational nightmare to manage multi-country dial plan and thousands of users.

VOSS is a class leading Cisco Unified Communications management platform that first forayed into Cisco space through it's Cisco partnership for HCS (Hosted Collaboration Solution). VOSS white-labelled it for Cisco as CUCDM (Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager). Today majority of Telco around the world and manages service providers uses VOSS. So what's unique about VOSS and how does it differentiates itself from the competition.

The central component for VOSS Solution is VOSS-4-UC. It is the world’s most advanced business communication operations management (BCOM) platform. VOSS-4-UC provides a single view into all of your underlying UC applications, user endpoints and network infrastructure. The biggest cost, by far, of enterprise UC solutions is ongoing management. VOSS reduces your costs and genuinely lowers your TCO.

  • Dial Plan Management - VOSS-4-UC allows organizations to manage the dial plan elements in a flexible and dynamic way to suit the needs of your business.

  • Automated Workflows -System templates simplify provisioning and eliminate complex decision making. VOSS is ~6 times faster than using manual management.

  • Flexibility - VOSS is flexible and adapts to your system and processes for ease of implementation, ease of integration, and ease of use. 

  • Role-based access control - Centralized management with unlimited role based access control allowing you to assign administration duties according to your needs.

  • Business Systems Integration - VOSS-4-UC flexibly connects to other API-enabled systems and executes non-API operations without expensive custom development.

  • User Management - A built in self-service portal offloads simple changes (like pins & password resets) from your technical team to the end user.

  • Hybrid, Cloud and On-prem UC -VOSS-4-UC supports any UC deployment model, whether it's on site, in a private or public cloud, or a combination of all (hybrid).

Below is an illustration that highlights how VOSS acts as a 360 degree swivel chair to manage an entire UC infrastructure.

The VOSS UC management platform is further enhanced with a range of products, optional components and services, to make sure you get the most from your UC environment. 

  • VOSS UC Analytics Module -The VOSS Analytics module provides enterprises with reporting and business intelligence to give you a better understanding of your UC consumption and activity levels across various departments and sites. You can track inventory, service usage, licence consumption, most frequent transactions, and more.

  • VOSS Self Service - The VOSS Self-service module is a fully customizable, intuitive and secure web-based portal, enabling your system administrators to decentralize administrative tasks down to the end user. End users can manage their services, features and devices, in real-time, from any location, on any smart device.

  • VOSS Adaptations - VOSS Adaptations enables your organization to tailor your UC environment to suit your exact needs, without complex, labor-intensive coding and the associated time and budget implications. If required, VOSS rapidly adapts VOSS-4-UC data and device models, configuration templates, orchestration workflows and IT integrations, all within a highly agile, core product framework, to better match your business requirements.

  • MiGR8-2-UC - VOSS MiGR8-2-UC is a highly automated product, built on powerful technology to remove the pain of migrating from a legacy voice system or a prior UC software version, to the latest UC system. Utilizing our Discover, Extract, Transform, Validate & Load (DEVTL) framework, we perform deep data discovery and analysis to make sure all the data you need is moved seamlessly into your new UC solution.

VOSS has been around for a long time and is one of the most matured UC Management platform in the market. Datamavic's experience in UC design consultancy and professional services delivery and VOSS's experience in UC automation combined brings a strong delivery capability in the Cisco Unified Communications space.

If your organization is looking at a replacement of iPAD or ATEA provisioning tool, we can provide you with a ROI calculation on how much yearly operational expenditure could be saved through the use of VOSS-4-UC.

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