Productivity Benefits of VOSS-4-UC - The Cisco UC provisioning and administration tool

A complete suite to automate operations and users management

on Cisco Unified Communications systems

Cisco UC operations management. Productivity Benefits.

Unified Provisioning

A single platform to manage users across the whole Cisco Unified Communications Suite, on-premise or in the cloud: CUCM, Unity Connection, Jabber, WebEx and UCCX.

Consistent Data

VOSS-4-UC enables solid process definition and workflows through the Adaptation module that can scale with your organisation while maintaining consistent data across your Cisco UC and IT systems.

Advanced Management

VOSS-4-UC provides advanced administration features to empower your team: operations logs tracking & rollback, role-based access management, bulk administration, remote phone control, operations scheduling.

Single Point of Integration

A single point of integration between IT and Cisco UC systems: basic operations (MACD) can be triggered from your ITSM, Directories or HR systems, with no human interventions from your UC team. Enable zero touch provisioning for Jabber and users with desk phones.

Retain knowledge within the organization VOSS-4-UC provides a central knowledge retention system with built in organizational discipline, helping companies retain original designs, field implementation changes, and subsequent operational changes.

Design implemented correctly With VOSS-4-UC, the original design can be implemented correctly each and every time, because the detailed configuration process, including the dial plan, is automated. Therefore the need for additional test tools and configuration comparison tools are greatly reduced.

Faster triage times With VOSS-4-UC, a trouble ticket can be rapidly linked to service infrastructure, as this information is fully mapped and can be accessed centrally without having to refer to the underlying network. Only VOSS-4-UC provides this central repository of data to allow faster triage times for trouble tickets.

Frees engineers from repetitive tasks The high level of automation in VOSS-4-UC frees engineers to work on more strategic initiatives, which in turn improves their job satisfaction and improves staff retention rates.

Avoid data slippage VOSS-4-UC imposes a high level of discipline across the communications platform and significantly lowers the risk of data slippage.

Improved integration with legacy systems VOSS-4-UC provides a single point of integration for an organization's business applications, as well as providing standard APIs that are supported through future releases of both VOSS and the underlying infrastructure. This ensures an integration strategy with low maintenance costs.

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