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A comprehensive cyber security as a service that focuses on real time end-point (Laptop or PC) protection that includes real time threat assessment, remediation, data recovery, end user training, phishing simulation & protection and monthly reporting on threats experienced by each user.

It’s too costly for a small business to higher a dedicated cybersecurity professional or too time consuming to DIY.


Hire your own  cyber security team and have peace of mind !

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24/7 End Point Protection

We strongly believe that the first line of defence must be the endpoints/ laptops. Users can unintentionally download trojans or malicious software via emails, which can infect local and network endpoints. 

  • End point detection and response (EDR)

  • Easy installation of agents

  • Windows and MAC supported

  • Threat remediation

  • Threat Prevention - Real time virus, malware, spyware, ransomware protection

  • Zero-day file-less attach protection

  • Brute force protection - Stops brute force remote desktop protocol (RDP) attacks

  • Device control policies allow/block/read-only control when USB is connected

For complete list of protection click HERE

ACSC Essential 8 Level 3

PATROL360 follows the Essential Eight guidelines set within the Australian Signals Directorate, ensuring that at least Maturity Level 3 or above is maintained depending on the business size and data type stored. Within these guidelines, we focus not only on application and OS patch management but also on application control, macro restrictions, application hardening, multi-factor authorisation, user privileges, and backups.

  • Application control

  • Configuring admin privileges

  • Multi-factor authentication (upto 2 cloud apps)

  • Application hardening

  • Office macro settings

  • USB port restriction

  • Website blacklisting


Quarterly report will be supplied, that will have total number of threats experienced, remediated, top risky users or end points, list of all applications installed in each of the laptops/ PC. Phishing simulation report will contain number of users allowing phishing emails to penetrate, top users who fail phishing simulations.

Patch Management & Vulnerability Assessment

As your trusted IT security MSP, we ensure software and operating systems are patched and the latest updates are installed. This is done remotely via our management portal. We also notify you about new software vulnerabilities as soon as they are announced by product companies like Microsoft, Apple, etc.

  • Operating system upgrades

  • Periodic patching of both applications and OS - Mac & Windows

  • Review data backup practice once a year

  • Vulnerability alert as and when they are released.


PATROL360 is a program designed for users and endpoints. When a new business is onboarded into our system, we conduct a kick-off training that aims to educate employees on security best practices, where the latest threat vectors, vulnerabilities, and cyber safety tips are shared. We take a very holistic view when it comes to a zero touch cyber security program for small and medium businesses.

Additional Service Management

Evaluate start-up programs, re-assign licenses across the business, automated scans Vs on-demand scans, tamper protection to ensure employees can't uninstall agent.

  • Remote worker or office wifi audit will be done for each user/ laptop to ensure the right encryption is enabled.

  • Priority support over email and phone.

  • Remote analysis, detonation of malware/ ransomware.

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120% Tax Deduction by Australian Federal Govt.


What Our Clients Say

Liam McCarthy

We got a good deal on Nomad product, which is powered by Malwarebytes but were cheaper than Malwarebytes themselves and as well as Norton antivirus. So far happy with the product. We do get pop ups saying malware is detected and cleaned.


You Purchase Patrol360 License


You & your employees install the agent from the link provided


Setup Complete !

Initial Contact

A Datamavic representative will reach out to confirm the order and organize a discovery call within 48 hours

Setting up your site in the portal

We will ensure all laptops are visible in our platform and activate first scan.


We will start sending reports every 3 months. 

Same-Day License delivered

We will send you a link to download the agent by email. Links will be different for MAC and Windows

Additional configuration

We will call you to activate any additional features like USB restriction, macro settings etc


We will conduct yearly training for you and your employees.

Setup is completed in just 3 steps.
It's that simple ! Scroll below to see more.

Ready to Purchase?

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