Centralised IT Management takes the burden of managing devices from your business to our shoulder. We provide a 360 degree managed services, liaising with multiple vendors, providing remote and on-site support with measurable SLA. Whether you are a small business or medium, engage us.


As an IT manager, you need complete control of your desktop and server environment; deployment turnaround needs to be in hours; while maintaining a secure environment and updated at all times.

  • Accessibility - Your employees can work and collaborate seamlessly, and have access to data securely from any device and from anywhere. 

  • Proactive monitoring - We will keep track of your application licensing obligations, health of your devices, business continuity compliance and report on everything as part of the quarterly report cycle.

  • 8x5 Support - Our support is available during business hours Mon-Fri from 9AM till 5 PM. After our support for critical incidents like network down.

  • Consistency - The standard operating environment and applications are consistently deployed across all your devices, meaning that everyone has a common user experience.

Centralised IT Management

Managed Desktop Services

We can help you empower your employees, take a more strategic view of your Applications and Network, improve security, minimise risk, and gain greater peace of mind.

  • Micro Business - 1 to 5 Employees

    • $20 per month per user (Minimum billing $60 per month)​ 

    • Covers Desktop and all S/w installed on that desktop/ laptop/ Cloud products

    • No limits to tickets raised for incidences or MACS (Move/ Add/ Changes)

    • Routers/switches/Servers - $20

  • Small Business - 6 to 20 Employees

    • $18 per month per user (Minimum billing $140 per month)​

    • Same as above

  • Medium Business - 21 to 500 Employees

    • $15 per month per user (Minimum billing $396 per month)​

    • Same as above

Without the above contract services, customers can opt for on-demand after-hour technical support or $75 per incident."


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