Network attached storage platform for business continuity in local, virtual, and Cloud environments. Datto NAS is available as a hardware appliance in three form factors built to your use case in Datto manufacturing facilities.



Each device comes with:

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Collaborate across multiple protocols

Need Windows, Mac and Linux users working together? It’s easy with Datto NAS

User and Share Management

Create network drives in the control panel, add users, and assign users storage on shared resources.


Protect Large Datastores

Applications requiring large non-server storage - like video, audio, or image files - still need data protection.


Secure File Sync & Share

Files are stored and available on the network in the protocol of choice, providing a single abstracted storage location across operating systems.


Hybrid SSD and Spindle

While SSDs are fast, they remain more expensive and with generally a higher cost per TB than spinning drives.


Built in the USA

Datto NAS is designed and assembled in Datto's build facilities in the USA. Built from the best components available, we assemble Datto NAS to our exacting standards.

Ransomware Recovery

With frequent cloud backups of the Datto NAS, roll back to a point in time before the attack, and be the ransomware-fighting hero.


Rapid File Recovery

When end users mistakenly delete a file they need, NAS cloud snapshots enable them to easily find recover and get back to work.


RoundTrip™ Drives

Depending on the speed of an internet connection and the amount of data to transfer, it can take days to upload an initial snapshot to the Cloud.